Des Moines Bacon & Meat Company was established in 2011. It all started one summer afternoon in my back yard. I had tried all available bacon in the supermarket and was extremely dissapointed. I had to try and make my own bacon. After some reading, sourcing pork bellys and preparing spices for the rub, I produced my own bacon.

I believe everyone deserves to enjoy pure, nutritious food made from real ingredients that tastes great.

My goal at Des Moines Bacon and Meat Company is to empower you with real nourishment and pure food enjoyment. To make wholesome food that’s both healthy and delicious. I hope you enjoy eating our food as much as I love making it for you.

Our foods are exactly what people need and crave these days. They’re delicious, healthy and convenient. They’re nutritious and wholesome. We love it because of how it brings families, friends and societies together — people bonding, sharing, connecting and celebrating around a table with delicious food and good conversation. At the end of the day, you want to know that what you eat is the very best it can be. Food with integrity is food worth celebrating.

Eat + Share + Savor + Celebrate





“Spiral Ham Cooking Instructions – Warm ham in 325 degree oven until internal temp reaches 145 degrees”